Currently drinking: The best Butterbeer I have ever tasted.


I’m currently drinking the vegan version of this because I’m sick. I used Earth Balance and regular soy milk. 10/10. It’s really easy and delicious.


aah feels good to finally be able to draw again -u-


when you’re just about to fall asleep and nature’s like


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This is a Homestuck song I’ve been working on. It’s not totally finished, but this is a good demo version! Codenamed “Project Latitude” because the title would give away which character the song is for (you might be able to guess anyhow).

People are still speculating about this especially over on Andarix’s blog. I thought someone would have called it by now, but as far as I know no one has guessed it right.



This commercial is amazing.

I work at an Under Armour store and we got to see this commercial way before they showed it on TV and everyone was speechless except one dude. He was all like “What the hell? Why the fuck would they make a ballet commercial? It’s not a sport.” My boss was quick to jump down his throat and said “Alright then get your ass on the floor and work on you tippy toes for the rest of your shift. If I fucking see you off them you will be the first of the temps to get cut!” He was on his tippy toes for the last hour and a half of his shift lol 

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~Panel Redraw~
These are always fun to do when you have no idea what to draw. Very motivating! Panel requested by comicallyinsane. Thanks for the awesome panel choice -w- <3


Roxy: Say hello.